Just wanted to bring this to people’s attention. If you live in Australia, you’re on low income, and shit breaks, there are community programs that can help. Good Shepherd’s microfinance program in particular has been around for quite some time, and it can seriously short-circuit the debt cycle… As long as you know about it.

They provide no-interest loans for up to $1200, specifically for things like new whitegoods and furniture, some medical/dental procedures, and education essentials such as textbooks and laptops. Once the money’s repaid back, it goes back into the pool to help someone else.

As well as no-interest loans, Good Shepherd also do larger, low-interest loans and matched savings accounts as well.

You can find providers through this link. or by calling 13 NILS (13 64 57) Predatory lenders aren’t your only solution when shit breaks.